Peerdom Exploration Team by the fire

Meet the explorers

Growing an ecosystem for your organisation to thrive.

We are Alexandre, Bastiaan, Céline, David, Florian, Jasmin, Joanna, Nathan, Sandro and Tobias.

We are a group of passionate peers and avid explorers searching for new ways to collaborate. Our mission is to help organisations evolve as a decentralised, value-based collective of peers.

Discover our camps in Bern, Lausanne and London, where we're happy to sit around a fire, share a coffee and trade stories.

Are you struggling with your organisation? Do you have questions or revolutionary ideas? Don’t hesitate to call one of our explorers in Switzerland (+41 31 384 10 10) or the UK (+44 7931 581 812) or send us an email at

Happy Trails