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Evolve into a meaningful organisation that thrives

Peerdom is an ecosystem of digital tools and a network of passionate supporters that helps organisations evolve as a decentralized, values-based collective of peers.


In constant evolution

Your organisation's needs change with time. Tame unpredictability and foster a dynamic approach with apps designed to adapt to your ever-changing needs.

Decentralized, peer-driven

Develop resilience and flexibility with tools that support self-organisation. Inspire autonomy, initiative, entrepreneurship and shared responsibility.

Encourage a shared culture

Give meaning to your organisation. Unite around shared values and create a collaborative, participatory culture.

Peerdom Map perfectly meets our needs: lightweight and very easy to use, it allows us to see our organisation as we have never seen it before.

Bernard DuPasquier Director at Brot für Alle

Start simple and grow organically
Reimagining your organisation may feel like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Peerdom simplifies your evolution with a "use only what you need" approach.

Start simple, and get a feel for how you might visualise your organisation with Peerdom Map.

Then, contact us so that we can discuss how the Peerdom ecosystem can match your organisation's unique needs.